Big Picture 2.0 Blogging and Foucault’s Hupomnemata (a Technology of the Self)

In his Sayings and Writings (1) Foucault talks about the ancient idea of Hupomnemata, technically “account books, public registers, or individual notebooks serving as memory aids.” However, he adopts the hupomnemata for use as a technology of the self: “the intent is not to pursue the unspeakable, nor to reveal the hidden, nor to say the … Continue reading Big Picture 2.0 Blogging and Foucault’s Hupomnemata (a Technology of the Self)

The Big Picture

Let’s take a step back and think about the major theme here – the internet. What happens when we look at the internet as culture? How can we then explain behaviors that have become synonymous with the internet? It goes without saying that the internet can and probably will affect its users. Every different aspect … Continue reading The Big Picture


Some days I wonder what I would do without Netflix, considering I spend more hours on it each week than I do anything. I know I seriously need to get a life, but I just started re- watching Gossip Girl and it is getting so good. It’s embarrassing to admit that I’ve gone through four … Continue reading NETFLIX IS BAE

Facebook Part 2

It is creepy the amount things I can tell you about some of my Facebook friends. There is so much you can find out about someone just from looking through their pictures or statuses. People aren’t shy about posting personal information or photos, and I feel like I actually some of my friends. I can … Continue reading Facebook Part 2

A Pintastic Experience!

To begin, I am OBSESSED with Pinterest. For those who don’t know about this majestic creation, Pinterest is an online web and mobile app company that allows the exchanging of ideas and media content via the ‘pinning’ or ‘re-pinning’ of images. It is basically an online version of an inspiration pin-board that helps to motivate … Continue reading A Pintastic Experience!

Snappin’ Out

Today’s younger generation revolves around sexuality and promiscuity, or at least in my mind, it does. This is why I believe Snapchat is such a fad nowadays. We pride ourselves on sending others pictures of our bodies and getting admiration in return of the image. We think that this is all “okay” because the image … Continue reading Snappin’ Out